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Three questions to ask your floor sanding services in Dublin

Floor sanding in Dublin has become such a trendy practice right now, that most of the people I know have done it already, or are seriously considering doing it in the near future. But, since not everyone is truly informed about this floor sanding thing, I thought I could give you a few tips on what to ask your contractor. His answers will make clear whether or not you should hire him.

20141113_114437So, one of the first questions you need to ask a floor sanding Dublin Company is whether or not they have an insurance certificate, and if you can see it. If he is not, you may be charged for any later liabilities, and they are not cheap at all. This certificate is particularly important if you resides in an apartment building at the superior stories. Your neighbors may complain, and that is why you need insurance.

Another question you should not forget about is what kind of products he will use for varnishing. If he says he can give you a discount, this means he will use cheaper products that are used alongside solvents. This means that pets, children or people with asthma can be harmed by the substance, in which case you should consider spending a little more on safe products. Vapors and compounds can harm your loved ones, and personally, I don’t think this is a time to save money.

One last question before closing the deal, though.  Will the varnishes used, smell? Some varnishes have smelly compounds that give off fumes and lousy smells, sometimes for more than a month after the floor sanding is done. Also, you may have to pay extra for products that are safe and do not smell. It is normal for varnishes to give off smells in the first 48 hours, but anything longer than that, it is simply a waste.

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