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Good quality floor sanding makes it a home

What do all the homes have in common? What makes every house a home? Can you tell me what material can do that, beginning from the visual and ending up with the tactile sense?

wood-62053I’ll tell what that is, it is wood. Have you ever noticed just how much warmth wood can lay out for us? Starting with its heating value, to the value of construction and lay out, wood has been there for us for ages, so, why should we not give it the time of day, and cherish it for once?  Laying wood on our floors was possibly one of the best ideas.

It gives us warmth, especially if we use underfloor heating as well, and it goes wonderfully with every kind of furniture. Be it a traditional or a modern look, wooded floors are wonderful.

Therefore, every once in a while, it is time we repay the wood properly for all its benefits. This is the time when you should call floor sanding services to help, because no matter how much we would love wood, we simply can’t sand it ourselves. Unless you work as a floor sander, of course, in which case go right ahead. However, everyone else should have 1800 844 111 on speed dial. Dublin FloorSanding will be answering and will be ready to take your order. You just name the date and set an hour range and professionals will come directly to your house to reward the wood on your behalf.

I know this may sound very funny, but think a little. Cozy often means nice and warm, but it also means home, right? And you like to make yourself at home, when you are …well, at home, isn’t that true? Well, there simply isn’t any coziness without good wooden floors, there simply just aren’t!


How to find the perfect floor sanding specialists

A few weeks ago I wanted to make my husband a surprise. He was away for the week and I knew just how much he enjoys hanging around in his den. However, he only had one problem … recently the floor in the room got really rough and splintered and he kept complaining about it. Just like a tradition, I kept saying there just wasn’t enough money for that job and it would have to wait.

So the perfect opportunity showed itself when he had to leave for a week outside town and work in another city. I was so excited I couldn’t even find a telephone number for some floor sanding specialists and I kept looking and searching the internet for someone that works in Dublin, so that I could hire them to quickly sand my husband’s den floors. After a little while I remember I found a very professional – looking website for a company simply called Dublin-Floor Sanding.

I couldn’t resist it and I clicked it instantly. I surfed through the gallery, the portfolio and I was convinced that was what I needed. Of course, there still was one problem, I had no idea how much it would cost me. So I decided to call their number, and ask for a query. After talking to one of the firm’s representatives, and said what I had in mind for the floors, they made me an offer in just a few minutes.

Honestly, it was cheaper than I expected so all I needed now was for them to come by my house as soon as possible and start working.

I knew that floor sanding for a few square meters couldn’t take too much time, but imagine that I also had it varnished and completely sanded, all in just one day. Four days later when my husband came home, he found the perfect floor, that matched all of the furniture in the room and it felt like such a masculine place. I really saw his excitement and I was really glad this company helped me do that. If you ever feel like you need good floor sanding you can find them at Ashleigh House, Jfk Road, Dublin 12 or on this phone number 085 1140 008 or even online at

Don’t underestimate the importance of floor sanding services

You floors are not only very useful, but they can also be a signature statement for your entire house. They can say a lot of things about you and can help you make a good impression on your guests. So, when they get a bit dusty, stained or colored in a strange color, don’t cover them up with carpets, get floor sanding services. This way you will be able to enjoy them for a longer period of time, and especially if made of hardwood like cherry, oak or walnut, it would be a shame to cover them up.

Good floor sanding services, however, are a bit harder to find. You may need to compare a few sanding companies in your town, and it is important to compare them clearly and carefully. Sometime, the difference is not in the price they have, but the products and the machinery they use.

Make sure to find the right combination between the perfect price and the best products. Don’t try to save money, because, you will have to re-sand the floors sooner, rather later, and it is simply a waste of time, money and headaches.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the kind of machinery they use, some of them are really expensive, but they all do the same work. Therefore, choose the one in between, with the right machinery, the best varnishing products. Also, some companies located further away from your home may cost you more than those located in your neighborhood. It would be a good idea to start looking in your area, and only if you don’t find anything suitable, go further.

Get floor sanding from Dublin specialists

Floors sanding can be a little tricky, particularly if you have stone or marble floors, because they require a different set of techniques that are not easy for an untrained person.frame-102076_1280

Therefore, if you happen to have a house that has stone or marble floors, get floor sanding from Dublin and you will get top quality for the correct price. Travertine floors are some of the most popular kinds of floors because easy to clean, have a nice color and it’s quite resistant. After being sanded, the travertine floors can shine for a long time, if cared for correctly. Granite floors are a bit more special. Being hard rock floor need a special kind of floor sanding. However, if you happen to be a granite floors house owner, you can easily call for the floor sanding specialists from Dublin. Being professional means all the tools and machinery necessary for all kinds of stone, from the hard granite and marble to the more common travertine and the soft chalk and the versatile terrazzo.

Moreover, all kinds of hard wood floors are no match for the professional machinery a floors refinishing company has, so don’t throw nice floors away just because you can’t sand them yourself. Invest in floor sanding and all you shall get is shiny elegant floors that can host either dashing parties or a nice, comfortable home.

Covering all your research sources can be very effective in finding the right company

Quality floor sanding Dublin companies will always tell you straight up what the process of your requested service will involve, how much it will cost, how long it will take and about what other situations that may occur and need your attention along the way.

Being honest will make the customer feel more confident and make him refer the company further on to his friends and neighbors and that is what counts on the long term for a business. But same as there are good companies that like to offer excellent services, there are those who just brag along and promise all sorts of things that are not even possible, and unfortunately people don’t have all the knowledge about floor sanding and they end up being scammed.

When deciding you need your floors refinished and sanded, you should take into account that things like there is no dust free sanding process wouldn’t be true because it involves a lot of polishing the wood and as we know, it always leaves its dust behind; also the wooden floor doesn’t require frequent recoating, at least not until minimum 10 years have passed since the last one.

If the floor sander is good at his job, he will apply the right finishing coat, lacquer, varnish, waxes and other coating materials after specific indications and let them dry properly between one coat to another, when if the sander doesn’t have much experience and knowledge he can make serious mistakes and you could end up with an ugly floor and a lot of wasted time.

But don’t believe now that it is that easy to get fooled by non-professionals because with a little research you can find out some questions to ask that only a real expert would know how to answer and you will know exactly who you’re dealing with.

The best way to find the right floor sanders for you would be to ask around in your neighborhood and then to access some top company websites and take a look at what they’re business look like and if they’re constantly active, that means they are reliable enough and you should give it a try.

You can do your own floor sanding : here’s how

Many of us think that floor sanding is such an expensive thing that it is better to do it yourself or to not do it at all. And when you decide to do it yourself, you don’t even know where to start.

I have gathered a few tips and tricks for you so that you will not find floor sanding as atrocious as you see it know.

20141029_160159First of all you need to clean up the room, or the house, depends on which floors you want to refinish. Take all the furniture away. If you plan to refinish the floors of the entire house, then you should move the furniture around, progressively. As soon as you finish one room, go to the other, move the furniture, sand the floor, put the furniture back and so on and so forth.

There is no sense to go to the store and buy a floor sanding machine. I’m sure you can find a store that rents this machinery in your town. Furthermore, pay attention to their offers, because some stores offer a discount if you rent it during the week-ends. Be careful, you will need two appliances one for the margins and one for the rest of the floor.

With a few pounds, you can have it delivered to your house and you can start.

But, before you start you should make sure the floors are clean. The nails should be pushed down with a hammer at about 2 mm below the level of the floors, because that is pretty much how deep the sanding will be. Also, remove any piece of the floor that seems rotten and replace it with a new piece. You should know this procedure is quite messy and noisy so you will need era plugs and a mask, so that you don’t inhale any dust.

After you have done this, you can start. But, pay attention. You need to starts with the edges of the rooms, using the floor sanders for the margins (the smaller machine). After you have done that, you should already see the difference between before and after.

Continue with the center of the room. And you do this exact steps for the entire house. After you have refinished it, your floors require one more thing: polish them. Using transparent paint of even varnish if you like it. Wait for the surface to dry out and the move your furniture back in. you have officially sanded your own floors. For more tips and trick you are welcome here, as well.

Change how your house looks, do some floor sanding

People don’t really pay attention to details, but somehow we all know that that is where the devil lays.  Personally I like to take on house touring every time I feel like I need to change something in my house. It is a cheap way to understand what other people like to see in a house, and to apply it at home. Recently I found out about floor sanding, and I decided to give you and idea as well.

The other day I toured a house built in the 70s, and I must tell you it was the nest one, so far. It had floors, like none other. At first, I didn’t know what they were made of, but as soon as I asked to real state agent I found out they were real walnut floors. For those of you that don’t know what walnut is, it is a dark (at a first sight it looks unnaturally dark colored) wood, that is the result of the walnut tree. They caught my eye because they were literally shining in the dusky light coming in through the windows.

I asked the real estate agent why it shines like this, especially if it’s in an old house, was it replaced, or is it the original floor. Turns out, it was the original floor and it shined so beautifully because they had floor sanding, at first I thought what is that? What is floor sanding? But I was a bit ashamed to ask the real estate agent again, so when I went back home I looked it up on the internet.  This process of sanding the floors uses small grains of sand, pushed against the surface of the floor and is remove all impurities.  Technically it’s like a face scrub, except is made on floors.  This way the revive the wood, or the stone, and make it shine again.  It seemed like a good solution to replacing your floors, especially if you have the luck of having wooden floors.

The sad thing is I like in flat, and my floors are all concrete. Too bad I cannot apply this idea in my house, just yet. Maybe when I will buy a bigger house, I will be able to sand my floors.