How to find the perfect floor sanding specialists

A few weeks ago I wanted to make my husband a surprise. He was away for the week and I knew just how much he enjoys hanging around in his den. However, he only had one problem … recently the floor in the room got really rough and splintered and he kept complaining about it. Just like a tradition, I kept saying there just wasn’t enough money for that job and it would have to wait.

So the perfect opportunity showed itself when he had to leave for a week outside town and work in another city. I was so excited I couldn’t even find a telephone number for some floor sanding specialists and I kept looking and searching the internet for someone that works in Dublin, so that I could hire them to quickly sand my husband’s den floors. After a little while I remember I found a very professional – looking website for a company simply called Dublin-Floor Sanding.

I couldn’t resist it and I clicked it instantly. I surfed through the gallery, the portfolio and I was convinced that was what I needed. Of course, there still was one problem, I had no idea how much it would cost me. So I decided to call their number, and ask for a query. After talking to one of the firm’s representatives, and said what I had in mind for the floors, they made me an offer in just a few minutes.

Honestly, it was cheaper than I expected so all I needed now was for them to come by my house as soon as possible and start working.

I knew that floor sanding for a few square meters couldn’t take too much time, but imagine that I also had it varnished and completely sanded, all in just one day. Four days later when my husband came home, he found the perfect floor, that matched all of the furniture in the room and it felt like such a masculine place. I really saw his excitement and I was really glad this company helped me do that. If you ever feel like you need good floor sanding you can find them at Ashleigh House, Jfk Road, Dublin 12 or on this phone number 085 1140 008 or even online at


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