You can do your own floor sanding : here’s how

Many of us think that floor sanding is such an expensive thing that it is better to do it yourself or to not do it at all. And when you decide to do it yourself, you don’t even know where to start.

I have gathered a few tips and tricks for you so that you will not find floor sanding as atrocious as you see it know.

20141029_160159First of all you need to clean up the room, or the house, depends on which floors you want to refinish. Take all the furniture away. If you plan to refinish the floors of the entire house, then you should move the furniture around, progressively. As soon as you finish one room, go to the other, move the furniture, sand the floor, put the furniture back and so on and so forth.

There is no sense to go to the store and buy a floor sanding machine. I’m sure you can find a store that rents this machinery in your town. Furthermore, pay attention to their offers, because some stores offer a discount if you rent it during the week-ends. Be careful, you will need two appliances one for the margins and one for the rest of the floor.

With a few pounds, you can have it delivered to your house and you can start.

But, before you start you should make sure the floors are clean. The nails should be pushed down with a hammer at about 2 mm below the level of the floors, because that is pretty much how deep the sanding will be. Also, remove any piece of the floor that seems rotten and replace it with a new piece. You should know this procedure is quite messy and noisy so you will need era plugs and a mask, so that you don’t inhale any dust.

After you have done this, you can start. But, pay attention. You need to starts with the edges of the rooms, using the floor sanders for the margins (the smaller machine). After you have done that, you should already see the difference between before and after.

Continue with the center of the room. And you do this exact steps for the entire house. After you have refinished it, your floors require one more thing: polish them. Using transparent paint of even varnish if you like it. Wait for the surface to dry out and the move your furniture back in. you have officially sanded your own floors. For more tips and trick you are welcome here, as well.


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