What is floor sanding?

20141113_114437I have recently come across “floor sanding” and I couldn’t really understand what it meant, so I decided to look it up on the internet.  After a few minutes of documentation I realized this is a very useful procedure even for my floors. Go figure, I found something I didn’t know I needed.

Let me be clearer. I have an old house, with floors I have never actually seen, since they were entirely covered with a grey, dull carpet when I bought it.

So it happens that one day I was trying to move one the sofa in my living room and I stumbled upon an unattached piece of carpet that was coming out of the middle of the room, from under the sofa. I checked to see what kind of floor it was and, to my surprise, it was a very beautifully colored timber floor. I knew at that same moment I needed to reveal that wonderful floor, so that I could enjoy it more. I have quickly uncovered the whole living room floor, only to discover that it was sticky and unpractical, not to mention the look of it; all fluffy and ugly. Need less to say I regretted revealing my wooden floors, but when I wanted to put the carpet back it would lay unevenly.

Thinking about what I should do, I looked up on the internet all sorts of solutions, until I came across floor sanding. I instantly realized it was exactly what I needed. Floor sanding is a procedure that cleans the floor with the help of an abrasive material, like sand or other hard particles, that erases all traces of carpet, dirt and dust and gives your floor the shiny, silky aspect it needs.

I immediately called the company that does that, and in less than four days all my house had sanded floors. The effect was unbelievable, like I just moved into a new house.  The beautiful brown of the timber was giving my house the charm it needed, and never again will my house look dull or unattractive.


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